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"Twisted" review by Sundi 6/23/13
Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC Family

ABC Family is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with this summer. With hits like The Fosters and Switched at Birth, and the juggernaut that is Pretty Little Liars, it's no surprise that the suspense drama, Twisted is hitting the mark, and then some. The premise is not entirely unique for the network, starting the season with a murder in the pilot, but what IS unique are the characters and the unfolding relationships that seem much more riveting than the who-killed-Regina plotline. Set in the fictional small town, Green Grove, the series picks up five years after the then eleven-year-old Danny Desai brutally killed his aunt while she was babysitting him and his two friends,Lacey and Jo, who were playing in the yard. Danny, played by the very handsome Avan Jogia, returns after a stint in juvie to an extremely cold reaction from his friends, and the whole school, who nickname his Socio. While Danny was away, Jo, played by Maddie Hasson and Lacey, played by Kylie Bunbury, drift apart, and Lacey emerges as the requisite popular girl every teen drama needs while Jo has gone the way of misunderstood loner. All this culminates in a party in which the mean girl Regina develops a bad-boy crush on Danny and proceeds to throw herself at him. An embarrassing scene ensues, and Danny winds up receiving an even more mortifying text from Regina, asking him to come over. Regina turns up dead and the town suspects Danny, and the audience is meant to as well as we see him handling her missing necklace at the end of the episode. While it seems like standard fare, Twisted has a few unique attributes, the Y chromosome not being the only one.

Episode two picks up at Regina’s funeral, and the entire arc of the episode is building toward a season-long who-done-it. Twisted is shaping up a lot like the other ABC Family shows except for Danny. Avan Jogia has us eating out of Danny’s hand as the tortured charmer who we suspect, but love anyway. He is the star of the show, and all the other characters are just coasting in his orbit. Danny is cute and clever and dark and menacing, and I can hear America swooning every time the opening credits start. It is his participation in the weird love-friendship-triangle that exists between him, Jo and Lacey that is much more intriguing than the murder, providing much more drama and suspense, to boot.

On a network with “a bit of a murder problem,” Twisted is holding its own and may have enough PG-13 edge to sustain the timeslot following PLL. It is summer, after all. What would summer be without a stack of beautiful dead teenagers?

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