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Super Fun Night cast

"Super Fun Night" review by Sundi 10/3/13
Wednesdays at 9:30pm on ABC

How disappointing that ABCís Super Fun Night was none of those things. I had high hopes for Rebel Wilson in her television premier, but alas, those hopes were dashed. As it turns out, she is just too green to carry a show, and her humor is not translating very well when there isnít a loveable and mainstream heroine against which she can contrast. What is meant to be likeable and relatable, comes off as sad and tone deaf. Where other actresses find their voice in weird, eccentric characters, Wilson canít get us on board with her version of the loveable loser.


The show follows Wilsonís character Kimmie and her two best friends Helen-Alice, played by Liza Lapira, and Markia, played by Lauren Ash as they navigate the uncooperative aspects of their muted and uninspired lives. The trio is painted with a very broad brush as a band of misfits, and their identities rely almost exclusively on their social awkwardness. There is a potential love interest for Kimmie in Richard, played by Kevin Bishop, and an antagonist in Kendall (Kate Jenkinson), but these relationships are so one-dimensional that its hard to muster the interest in them. It is wobbly on its legs and canít find the right note. This show is similar in structure and premise to Drop Dead Diva, but without its charm and earnestness. In fact, Super Fun Night is so lackluster that it is an exercise in wasted potential.

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