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"Suits" review by Suzanne
Premieres Tuesday, July 16th at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network

I always enjoy this show. It's a nice legal soap opera/drama/comedy with lots of fun backstabbing, banter, and plot twists and turns.

In this season's premiere episode, "The Arrangement", Harvey is still very pissed at both Jessica and Mike. He butts heads with Darby, too. Mike works hard to try to win Harvey's friendship back. There's also a great little secondary plot with Louis and that other guy from the British law firm that is like Louis. Rachel and Mike fight and...well, make up, too.  They sure crammed a lot into this episode!

It's well worth watching...make sure you catch it!

"The Arrangement" Airdate: Tuesday July 16 @ 10/9C With the merger complete, Jessica's new partnership with Darby (guest star Conleth Hill) is tested when he assigns Harvey a high-profile client who faces the loss of her company if Harvey can't prove her innocence. Mike works to reconcile with Harvey and to manage the fallout from his revelation to Rachel.

Another  review by Sundi 7/21/13

What a tangled web Suits has woven. The July 16th season premiere opened a Pandora’s box of complications, manipulations, lying and complex maneuvering. Picking up where last season’s finale left off, Jessica and Harvey are on the outs following the merger with Darby; Harvey and Mike are on the outs because of Mike’s deal with Jessica, and Mike and Rachel are in this weird gray space that is both sweet and sour. So taut is the tension in this episode, that it seems the theme for season three is betrayal with a whole lot of talk about loyalty.


Harvey, still exuding uptown cool and polished guile, is stinging from Jessica’s refusal to make him partner and is trapped in a contract that makes him bound to the new firm, Pearson and Darby. As the episodes builds to the climactic end, we see Harvey set up the trajectory for the entire season as he approaches the new partner to enlist him in a plan to take Jessica down. I guess Mommy and Daddy are doing more than separating.


Without Mike’s acting as the affable foil to Harvey’s jaded cynicism and sexy aloofness, the two are floundering as individuals when they worked so well as a team. It is hard for us to watch as they perform in scenes without each other, and when they are on screen together the dynamic turns sad as we watch Mike try to regain the favor of his mentor, who has written him off (or so they want us to believe). Most of what I enjoyed most about this show was the relationship between Mike and Harvey, but I am intrigued and expectant, waiting on USA to flesh this out.


All the other storylines are second-tier compared to Harvey and Mike, but I am entertained by the friendship between Donna and Rachel. They add a sparkle to the clean lines of this show, and inject  a much need bit of estrogen to a very masculine world. The silliness they bring, coupled with this Louis/Nigel bit give us a breather to digest all the complex sneaking and gaming that is going on throughout.


All in all, I am enthused by the first episode, although the lawyering and manipulating was a little hard to keep track of. If anybody over at USA is listening, I want them to know that they MUST get Harvey and Mike back together soon, or else I might lose interest... well I probably won’t, but its a much better show when they are on the same side.

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Page updated 8/27/13

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