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Silicon Valley cast

"Silicon Valley" review by Sundi 4/8/14
airs Sundays 10pm on HBO

I’m pretty sure somebody else has already said this about HBO’s new comedy, Silicon Valley, but I think it’s worth repeating: if the Big Bang Theory  and Entourage got together and had a baby, it would be this show. It has some of the best squirm-worthy humor that reminds me of what The Office and Modern Family used to be in the early days. This show rides a fine line between repugnant and relevant, and hits all the marks for what a new HBO comedy should be.

The show follows the lives of five wanna-be start-up programmers who live in an ‘incubator’ in Palo Alto’s famous Silicon Valley. The five guys work at a progressive company, Hooli, which is meant to remind viewers of companies like Google or Amazon, in which community, and camaraderie is valued over individual identity. It is described and portrayed as a corporate cult and the guys are disdainful of the loyalty it inspires in its employees.

The show is satire at its best, poking fun at corporate pretentiousness and the culture of the start-up. The pilot tells the story of Richard’s new application for music lovers that has hidden potential in its coding. The discovery of this potential starts a bidding war between Hooli and another huge corporation, led by a Steve Jobs-like character.

The humor is pretty specific and topical in Silicon Valley, but I think it has something for anyone who has ever downloaded an app or felt marginalized by a cooler, more popular group of folks. While the jokes can be a little R-rated (this is HBO after all), it reads like an edgy sitcom, poised to find an audience. I’ll be watching, because the thirty-minute wasn’t enough for me. I like it, and if you liked The Social Network, or Knocked Up or any of the shows I mentioned before, then I think you will find something to like in this show.  Tweet me your thoughts:

Cast of characters:

Erlich – TJ Miller

Dinesh – Kumail Nanjani

Gilfoyle – Martin Starr

Big Head – Josh Brener

Richard – Thomas Middleditch

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