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Siberian Cut

"Siberian Cut" review by Sundi 6/2/14
Airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery

Hereís the three things you need to know about Discovery Channelís new wilderness show Siberian Cut: cold, logs, testosterone. After that, itís pretty much every other show your husband or boyfriend makes you watch, when you really wish you were watching folks get handed a rose. Donít get me wrong, there is nothing awful about this show, nor is this show offensive or bad in any way; its just more of the same.

The premise is familiar: a group of hard-scrabble folks venture into an unforgiving and primitive terrain to make a living for themselves and better their familiesí lives. In this case, it is a team of young, Midwestern men who take a job with a small logging outfit that will relocate them to Siberia. Thatís right, Russia. And not the fun-letís-drink-vodka-and-flirt-with-skinny-models-Russia. Not, itís the brutal-26-degrees-below-zero Russia in which you could be eaten by wolves if you donít freeze to death in your first night there. The twist here, however, is that half the team is made up of native Siberians, and the American loggers donít know it until they arrive. The conflict of this show (aside from the obvious peril the natural elements provide) is the culture-based drama that erupts between the two factions of workers Ė especially since neither group speaks the otherís language.

While the show is basically the same show weíve seen a hundred times, it does have its tense moments, and offers a few poignant scenes that remind you of the frailty of humans in the face of a brutal and savage landscape. The Americans have to say goodbye to family and friends, and there is a scene between one of the boys and his dying father that felt pretty genuine, and (Iíll admit) tugged at my heart strings a little. Also, the aforementioned wolves are nothing to scoff at, and there is a moment when I thought they might just get run over by a train.

This show is not really my cup of tea. I didnít find the all-male drama interesting enough to make me want to watch the season, and frankly, I donít like the cold. It put me on edge to see the constant shivering, and I couldnít stop wondering if they were wearing enough layers.

Think of it like this: if Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People and Ax Men all fell into a big pot and melded together, this is the show youíd get. If that sounds awesome to you, then you need to tune it on June 3rd to watch. If not, you can DVR The Bachelorette and watch it in the bedroom while your husband or boyfriend watches this.

What do you make of Siberian Cut? Tweet me @sroseholt and let me know if I got it wrong or not.

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