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"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." review by Suzanne
Premieres Tuesday September 24 7/8c on ABC

Anyone should love this show, whether they like superheroes or not (but I'm sure it probably helps if you do).  The show picks up after the movie "The Avengers" (2012), which most people saw in the theaters. There are many references to the movie and the characters in it, but you probably wouldn't be totally lost if you watched the show and hadn't seen it (even if you'd never seen any of the Marvel movies about Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc.).

The pilot is very cool, very flashy, it movies along nicely, has lots of action and it's funny as well. It's one of the few shows I've seen where I wish I had time go to back and watch it again! That's how good it was. It was like a one-hour movie.  In some ways, I think, better than "The Avengers".

As you may know by now, Agent Coulson, who supposedly died in the movie, is alive and stars in the TV show. He assembles his own group of "heroes", but these are not super-powered heroes, these are more like secret agents, with high tech equipment and great skills.  Their job is similar to the superheoes' jobs, though. They are there to fight the bad guys. They're also there to help any new superheroes (like they do in the pilot) and to try to manage the information flow to the public, who is not understandably freaked out by the fact that aliens tried to take over the Earth and there are people like Thor and Captain America around (I guess in this Marvel universe, they don't really care that much about the X-Men or the Fantastic Four??).

J. August Richards, who was awesome in "Angel" and really should have his own TV show, plays a wanna-be superhero in the pilot. We hear about a group called Rising Tide that are probably bad guys.  Of course, we also get introduced to all of the new characters. The wonderful actor Ron Glass (from "Firefly" and "Barney Miller") has a small role as a doctor. There are many secrets in the show and things to figure out. I can't wait! I hope they are all as good as the pilot. Joss Whedon, who did Firefly, Buffy, Angel et al. as well as the Avengers, does great TV, obviously. He and his brother and some other guys created the show and are writing it.

This is probably the one show I will stick with no matter what, of all of this season's shows.  Make sure you watch it!

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