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Sean Saves the World

"Sean Saves the World" review by Sundi 10/4/13
Thursdays 9/8pm on NBC

If you like Sean Hayes, they youíll like the NBC series Sean Saves The World, mostly because he is playing the same character he always does. Presumably , he is just playing himself, as we have never seen him deviate from his standard character that shapes up to be a clamorous, neurotic, tightly-wound funny guy that does silly pratfalls and physical bits. This show is mostly that, but sometimes heís doing it at home, and sometimes heís doing it at work. Unfortunately, heís not doing it with Will and Grace, which is when he was funniest and much less derivative.


Linda Lavin plays his mother, Lorna,  and she is among the finer things in this show as she plays the no-nonsense (although oversexed) grandmother to Seanís fourteen-year-old daughter, Ellie played by Samantha Isler. Lorna steps in after Seanís ex-wife  moves away to take a job in another city and is often the most reliable joke maker of the cast, which has some pretty strong talent. Thomas Lennon plays Max, Seanís boss, and sets the tone for the office segments of the show. Megan Hilty and Echo Kellum play Liz and Hunter, repectively. Kellum, most recently was on a very funny, way too underrated show on Fox, Ben and Kate. He was a scene-stealer then, and he is here, too.


This show has some nuggets of genuine humor, but there is so much frenetic chaos happening, and it's just turned up so loud that those nuggets get lost. Sean Saves The World has the potential to be funny if they can relax into the rhythm and stop screaming at us to laugh at them. It would also be helpful if shows this season, Sean included, would stop assuming that we need moments of emotional authenticity in every showÖ we donít. Its ok for a show just to be funny. Every episode doesnít have to be A Very Special Episode.

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