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Save Me cast

"Save Me" review by Sundi
Airs Thursdays 8/7 on NBC

I didn’t want to like this show. In fact, it seems that the show was rooting against itself -- shooting itself in the foot with mixed messages and genre-bending humor. But (and I will probably regret saying this when they cancel it) but Save Me isn’t so bad. In fact, despite of his obvious flaws, I like it quite a bit.


Save Me is about a suburban, hard-partying mom, (the youthful and extremely talented, Anne Heche) who chokes to death on a sandwich, miraculously wakes up and begins hearing the voice of God. Yes, you heard me right, the character, Beth, is a self-proclaimed prophet of God with a cheating husband, played by the affable Michael Landes and very smart-mouthed teenaged daughter, played by Madison Davenport.  Beth has turned her friends and neighbors against her with her self destructive and selfish ways, and we see who Beth was through a series of flashbacks, (think Samantha Who but with way more Jesus).. We are meant to forgive everyone else in her life for all the naughty things they’ve done because Beth, being the nasty person that she was, drove them to this behavior -- I am looking at you husband-with-a-mistress. However; things start to tidy up pretty quickly after the pilot; the mistress, Alexandra Breckenrigde is struck by lightning and as Beth tries to make amends to her family and friends we see the turnabout start to coalesce and the premise takes a backseat to the delightful shenanigans of Beth and the gang.


There are a lot of things wrong with this show, don’t get me wrong. My main concern with this show is how confused it is about what audience it must play to. It crosses genres in a way that is confusing and contrary. For instance, religious audiences probably aren’t going to find the thinly-veiled oral sex joke,  “Joe Blob” very funny; whereas an audience that would, is not going to stomach the saccharine-sweet Disney-princess impersonation (there is a scene in which Beth is surrounded by animals, Cinderella-style). Along those lines, it has quite a bit of physical humor that comes off as artificial and cheesy, but then the audience is meant to take her dramatic monologue at the end very seriously. Its hard to know which way to turn.


But what IS great about this show is Anne Heche. She  looks amazing and, frankly, is the best part of the half hour. If NBC decides to keep this show around, it would fare much better, and to a much broader audience, if they play down the religious element and focus on Beth’s hijinks. Her quirky, sincere nature makes this show a diamond in the rough, and although it may be mildly offensive to some church-goers, I think its intentions are pure, and meant to be inclusive. The family dynamic is funny, although a little stilted, and will carry the other actors through until it hits its stride, if it ever gets the chance to. But I like it, and I will continue to watch it, as long as I am able, because it is funny, and a little dirty, and a little nice, and I find that endearing.

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Page updated 6/4/13

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