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St. George

"Saint George" review by Suzanne
Premieres March 6 9pm on FX

I didn't find this sitcom very funny. In the whole first episode, I laughed a little bit, maybe twice. However, part of the problem is that I was having trouble understanding what they were saying. I'm not deaf, but my hearing at 52 is not what it was in my 20's (nobody's is), and I use the closed-captioning on my TV because it's just easier. When they send out the screeners, there's no closed-captioning, and the sound and other elements are not finished yet. So that makes it tough, especially if they're talking fast or have heavy accents, both of which were true here.

I watched it with my husband, and neither of us found it funny. George Lopez plays a guy who's divorced, and although he's a teacher, he also sells energy drinks on TV, which has made him rich. His mother lives with him. She's a similar character to the one that was always insulting him on his ABC sitcom. I didn't find it funny in either case.

George has a cousin and nephew who hang out with him, and they're played by familiar faces Danny Trejo ("Sons of Anarchy" and many other shows) and David Zayas (who was so great on "Dexter" as Batista).  He also has a white, blonde ex-wife and a dorky kid.  At his school, his boss (the principal?) is a sexy but slightly-overweight Latina who hits on him constantly. I found that annoying and kinda gross.

Someone gets pepper-sprayed and that made me laugh. There was one other thing I laughed at, too. Otherwise, I just kept thinking, "Really? Why would FX bother with this?"  George Lopez has done better, and so has FX. It's not nearly as good as Charlie Sheen's show.

Maybe it gets better after one episode!

Check this out only if you're a huge George Lopez fan.

Read our interview with him

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Page updated 2/22/14

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