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Reign teens

"Reign" review by Suzanne
Premieres Thursday, 10/17 9/8c on The CW

I enjoyed this show. It's a costume drama about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, but really it's a soap opera set in the 1500's. I can't tell you if it's historically accurate or not, but it appears to be trying in that regard.

The show is about Mary arriving in France as a teen. She is supposed to marry the future King of France, Francis, who is also a teen (and still Prince).  They knew each other as little children, but now they're older (and of course, sexier).  Someone is trying to kill Mary, which adds a lot of intrigue. Also, her future mother-in-law, the queen, fears her because she is getting advice from Nostradamus that says Francis will die because of Mary.  Francis has a bastard brother, Bash, who is quite charming and attractive. He and Mary seem drawn to each other.  There is a lot of political intrigue and romance, but it's tempered with some fun and music.

The actor who plays Bash, Torrance Coombs, reminds me quite a bit of Grant Bowler from "Defiance", and he's gorgeous. I enjoyed the show and will probably watch it. It's hard to watch a show like this without some sense of impending doom, though, knowing that Mary does not come to a good end. It's kind of like watching what happens to Anakin Skywalker in that regard....  Let's put it this way, Mary was 25 when she died.  Francis was only 16. So I guess they're playing a little with the ages, since Francis appears to be older than 16 already (then again, people didn't live as long back then, anyway). At least he did get to be king...for a year...

Anyway, it's enjoyable, despite how the real-life characters ended up. If you're the type who likes very chaste maidens, don't watch this. It has a lot of steamy sex, some of which surprised me. I guess they don't care as much about showing really sexy stuff on The CW as on other networks!

The CW is sending me another DVD of the show with some additional scenes. Woo hoo!! I can't imagine what they felt they needed to fix, but bring it on! The more, the better...

Video Clips:

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Mary may not be so bright for Francis' future. Watch a clip from
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Mary will need more than love and friendship to do what is best not only for her, but for her country.

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