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Ravenswood kids

"Ravenswood" review by Sundi 10/23/13
Tuesdays 8/7c on ABC Family

I gave up the teen-centric Pretty Little Liars last season because it was getting to be way too much work to watch, but I thought I would give the new supernatural spin-off a shot, and as a result, I feel cheated by ABC Family’s Ravenswood. Without seeing the preceding Halloween episode of PLL, I was completely lost for the first twenty minutes of the pilot of Ravenswood and couldn’t sort out the backstory of the two main characters, Caleb and Miranda played by Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Gale Anderson.  In fact, I had to read an episode recap of PLL just to I orient myself to the new storylines. That being said, I think ABC Family knows exactly what it’s doing in the construction and execution of Ravenswood, and even though I am a sucker for a teen drama (especially a supernatural one) I think this show is aiming at a pretty narrow viewership – one that is much younger than I am.

The series picks up as Caleb and Miranda arrive in the small, but creepy town of Ravenswood to seek out her mortician uncle, Raymond Collins. He is exactly what you would expect a young undertaker to look and act like and doesn’t venture far from the cliché. Caleb is also on a mission to seek answers about his family and seeks out the help of the local newspaper, owned by the Beaumonts. He is especially interested in the daughter, Remy, who tells him the chilling history of a flood that killed hundreds of townspeople. She tells Caleb the town is notorious for being a different kind of ordinary.

Caleb and Miranda soon find out just how extraordinary the town is, as they start to experience some frightening encounters with the paranormal. Miranda is visited by a woman in black and Caleb is almost drowned by what he thinks is the Uncle, but we know it is something other worldly. There are a myriad of other teen-ish looking characters that are generically pretty and non-distinct that have a host of drama that will inevitably take the whole season to unpack.

While I went into this show with an open mind, I quickly realized it was not for me. I may be too old to suspend my disbelief long enough to buy into the vaguely spooky and too -cryptic-for-its-own-good- melodrama. Ravenswood is like all the most boring, terrible parts of a mediocre scary-movie. I’m sure it will find an audience, since it has a built in demographic, filling the vacuum that Pretty Little Liars left on Tuesday nights. But there are so many supernatural shows on this season that are actually scary, and well written that I probably won’t waste my time on this one.

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