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The Originals cast

"The Originals" review by Suzanne
Premieres Thursday, 10/3 9/8c on The CW

Please Note: The CW is sending me a new DVD of the show with "more than 50% new with more emphasis on the witches and the Mikaelson family history, and no scenes from The Vampire Diaries." So I will re-write this review after watching it.

If you watch "The Vampire Diaries" like I do, then you have seen a lot of the pilot episode already, since it aired April 25th. The pilot for "The Originals" takes out the parts with the Vampire Diaries characters like Stefan and Elena and adds some other stuff.  It was kind of hard to watch, in that respect, since I'd already seen a lot of it, and I couldn't remember which parts were old or new.  Otherwise, though, it's a good episode and I think I will enjoy the new show.

The trick will be as to whether you buy the premise that Klaus is not such a bad guy after all, even though they showed him to be pretty bad in the other show. But "Bad" is relative when it comes to vampires and werewolves, I guess. I like the actors a lot, but I'm not sure yet if I will enjoy this one as much as I do "The Vampire Diaries". Time will tell!

Klaus' family is back (the ones that are still alive; but then again, "alive" is also a relative concept on these shows), including Elijah and Rebekah (both of which were seen frequently on TVD). You may also remember Sophie, who was on TVD quite a bit. All of the other characters are new but interesting.  Klaus wants to take New Orleans back; it was a place he once loved. Sophie is pregnant with his child (a seeming impossibility) and Elijah wants to protect her and her child. Could there be a future love triangle there? No doubt.

If you've never watched TVD, you may like this one and not be confused because they do explain everything pretty well.  Tune in and find out whether you like it! I plan to watch, for sure.

UPDATE: Before they aired the episode, they took out all of the Vampire Diaries repeat parts and added in other new parts, so it was much better!

Video Clips: 

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New city. New trouble. New Klaus. Watch a preview from The Originals
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Klaus is going to be a daddy?

The city Klaus once ruled has fallen under new leadership, and now he wants it back.


Comic Con Preview

They've traveled from Mystic Falls to New Orleans. Check out the brand-new trailer for this sexy new vampire series! The Originals premieres Tuesday, October 15 at 8/7c.

Elijah Preview

Elijah is ready to rebuild his life in New Orleans beside Klaus. Don't miss the special premiere event of The Originals Thursday, Oct. 3!


The Originals - Daniella Pineda Interview

Daniella Pineda talks about the rebellious Sophie in this interview! The Originals premieres Thursday, Oct. 3!


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Page updated 9/25/13

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