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"Moms" review by Sundi 9/24/13
Mondays 9:30/8:30pm on CBS

Mom on CBS is one of those shows that I am going to watch no matter what folks say about it, and I think you should, too. It is delightful and charismatic. Anna Faris and Allison Janney play a mother daughter, both in recovery, that are trying to find their way back to life and back to each other. It sounds like a real bummer, but truly, it's not. There are a lot of jokes in this show; so much so, that it makes me feel weird to laugh at what they intend us to. In fact, some of the actual plotline is pretty sad: teenage mother with addiction problems resulting from an addicted, emotionally-absent mother; high-school dropout with two children by two different dads struggling to make ends meet; inherently damaged young woman having an affair with her married boss. Its pretty heavy stuff, but then you get moments like when Farisí Christy tells her teenaged daughter sheís an easy lay and you remember what this show is. Its this kind of hit-or-miss humor that is going to float this show. It can get a little edgy, but at times its not in a good, pushing-the-envelope kind of way. It is more about getting the easy laugh here, but sometimes lazy humor is better than none.

Janney plays Bonnie, the archetypical over-sexed, free-spirited, seen-it-all mother to Christy. They have been estranged for several years, but have both gone into recovery while they were on the outs and are just now experiencing sober life individually and with each other for the first time. In fact, there is a pretty funny scene at an AA meeting in which Bonnie leans in to Christy after she shares and says, with impeccable timing and comedic poise, ďArenít you a little old to be blaming everything on your mother?Ē Its pretty obvious that Allison Janney is going to have to carry this show for awhile; at least until Faris has a chance to get her footing in a world where Janney can act circles around her.

But I am being too harsh. I like this show (I probably should have said that sooner and more emphatically), and I am rooting for it. Its got some TV favorites, including French Stewart as a lecherous chef that also works at the same restaurant as Christy; and Nate Corddry who you might remember from The Daily Show or the movie The Heat. This show has potential, but it is going to take a few episodes to find its stride. Letís hope CBS is as patient as I am willing to be.

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