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"Million Second Quiz" review by Sundi 9/10/13
Monday through Thursday on NBC

Monday began the first of a ten-day long game show hailing as The Million Second Quiz. The show, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, is live from New York City and is based upon the question-and-answer format, but what makes this show different (besides the charm and wit of Seacrest) is that it is live, and twenty-four-hours-a-day. We only see the hour that airs at eight every night. As we speak, contestants are battling each other for a spot in the money chair in which they earn ten dollars a second. The longer you stay seated by answering the questions the more money you make. To add to the drama, the top four contestants compete for the chance to stay around, and can rest in ďsleep podsĒ that they must earn by answering questions correctly. Itís all very Big Brother.

All in all, this show is pretty harmless. The questions are easy enough, and are pulled directly from contemporary popular culture. Because its live, we donít get to form much a connection to the contestants, but their enthusiasm is evident, and we still feel compelled to root for them. I donít usually go for game shows, but this one held my interest pretty well, and I am invested enough now to care who wins. The gimmick is innovative in its field, and who can say no to Ryan Seacrest?

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