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The Millers

"The Millers" review by Sundi 10/4/13
Thursdays 8:30/7:30pm on CBS

Too bad THIS Miller family doesn’t have Jennifer Anniston. Maybe then it would be watchable. As it stands, its a pretty tough sell. It would surprise me if this show made it to the holidays, but you never know how much a network will invest in a show that has pretty significant star power. That being said, let me warn you that Will Arnett and Beau Bridges are being wasted in this show that delivers its jokes like its bludgeoning you over the head.


Bridges and Margo Martindale play Mom and Dad Miller, and their contentious, mean-spirited jeering doesn’t resonate as funny; its bleak, and it makes you want to refer them to a family counselor. Will Arnett plays the recently divorced Nathan and this character is so far from his classic role as Gob Bluth that you barely recognize him as the same actor. He  isn’t doing much to stand out or use his considerable comedic talents, either. Nathan spends most of the show orbiting around and reacting to Martindale’s Carol. This show participates in the latest trend in sitcoms in which they shout at each other and at the viewer, and expect us not to notice that its not as funny as it should be or that it is relying way too heavily on tired jokes. The MIllers makes fart jokes, for heaven’s sake! The joke, however, is on them, as Nathan lectures his mother about the farting after she tells him some people think they’re funny. As if he can read our minds he tells her, “If you can’t hear them they aren’t funny. They are just gross.” That’s what I was gonna say… about The Millers.

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