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"Lucky 7" review by Suzanne
Premieres Tuesday September 24 10/9c on ABC

I enjoyed this show, but I'm not sure that everyone will stick with it because it's kind of quirky and laid-back in many ways. Which is not to say that stuff doesn't happen, and there's even a car chase in the pilot... but still, it reminds me of watching some fun 70's movie like "Car Wash".

A group of people who work in a gas station win the lottery. However, they each have their own problems and things don't go like they should, before OR after they win. Matt Long is the star of the show (and the main reason I love it - he's adorable) as a young guy with no money. His wife just had a baby, but she wants to move out of his mom's place. He's trying to get more money, so he does something desperate. He gets involved with his unsavory brother, who's a former convict. Another of the lottery winners is sure her husband is cheating on her. Another one is a single mom. Another guy, Antonio, who works at the gas station (another reason to watch the show, the very interesting Luis Antonio Ramos), neglected to contribute to the weekly lottery fund.

It's a very interesting show that starts off with a big car chase and then flashes back to the rest. Like most good shows, it has a lot of layers to it, and lots of secrets. I can't wait to see what will happen next! I would classify this as a drama (it is an hour-long show), but it also has a lot of comedy in it. I love light dramas like this one, like "Royal Pains" or "Franklin & Bash". I hope it succeeds! Check it out.

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