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"Ironside" review by Sundi 9/23/13
Wednesday October 7 9/10c on NBC

Sigh -- another police procedural. Except this time, the cop is in a wheelchair and solves crimes. I donít understand why the networks keep making this same show over and over. Blair Underwood plays Robert Ironside, a street-tough, emotionally closed-off cop with a great loss in his past. He could be any other actor playing any other character on any other police show. This show is full of the same recycled, cliched stereotypes that were getting age on them when Law and Order: Criminal Intent was born.

Since this show is a remake of the 1960s drama of the same name, I will cut it a break for being derivative and completely unoriginal, but I am tired of shows trying to dupe me with some new gimmick and pass it off as imagination. The show opens on a scene between Ironside and a hapless criminal. In order to glean information about a missing girl, Ironside removes himself from his chair and plants himself in the backseat of the squad car next to the suspect. He commences to beat him senseless, I guess in order to show the audience heís super tough, and eventually gets enough intelligence to rescue the kidnapped girl. Enter the skeptical, strait-laced, play-by-the rules Captain Rollins, played by Kenneth Choi, to admonish Ironside for his unorthodox methods and chide him for breaking the rules. Like I said, ďSigh.Ē

There are some moments of promise, which are mostly limited to the scenes with Brent Sexton from The Killing, playing the tortured and guilt-stricken Gary Stanton. He is introduced through flashbacks as Ironside remembers the events that led up to his accident. They were partners in a big case and while on a sting, Ironside was shot before Stanton could prevent it from happening. Now, Stanton is now racked with survivorís guilt and is throwing his life away because he canít live with the regret and remorse he feels, and even seeks the comfort of a support group. During those same flashbacks, we see a mysterious past lover that is no longer around. I assume she is part of the story arc of the season, and they are just doling her out to make Ironside more sympathetic.

There are other characters in this show, but there is not much new to say about them either. However, the show has some interesting cinematography (if you care about such things), and indulges in some compelling subjective storytelling through unexpected angles. And the music is ok. So thereís that too. I didnít care for it because it seemed like old hat. If you are a fan of the police procedural, and want to see a handsome and tough detective solve weird and obscure murders, give it a chance. Not me; Iíll stick with SVU reruns on cable.

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