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The Husband She Met Online (L to R) Jason Gray-Stanford and Meredith Monroe star as “Craig Miller” and “Rachel Malemen” in The Husband She Met Online, premiering Saturday, October 26 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo by ©2013 – Reel One Films 4 Inc. and NB Thrilling Films Inc. Copyright 2013

"The Husband She Met Online" review by Suzanne
Premieres Saturday 8/7c on Lifetime

This is pretty much a standard woman-in-danger Lifetime movie, but it's elevated by the taut suspense and the great performances by the actors, particularly the two leads, Meredith Monroe (Rachel) and Jason Gray-Stanford (Craig).

Rachel is an event planner looking for love. She meets Craig online (was it on Craigslist? LOL!) and he stalks her in a creepy way before sweeping her off her feet very romantically and then terrorizing her. It's pretty extreme as we watch them "fall in love" and then he goes off the deep end.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of mystery because we see from the beginning that he's a creepy stalker. The suspense comes from watching Rachel and the others figure it out, until it's almost too late.

If you've only seen Jason Gray-Stanford as the irritating sidekick on "Monk", then you will be surprised that he can play both a creepy villain and a romantic rich guy, but he does both well.  Meredith Monroe always does a good job, and she's fine here as the heroine.  She proved in "Dawson's Creek", "Criminal Minds" and many other shows that she's a versatile actress. I hope she gets more great roles after this one.

Women will probably love this movie. I'm not sure how the men would like it, since most of the guys in the show are evil, stupid, and/or manipulative. Most of the women are good.  I liked the dog and I hate it when movies like this show a cute dog because you know what might happen...but I won't spoil it for you.

It's a fun Saturday movie, so site back, order a pizza, and check it out!

My interview with star Meredith Monroe!


When hotel event planner Rachel breaks up with her boyfriend John for cheating on her, she decides to go looking online for a new boyfriend.  In the expanse of cyberspace, she meets a charming, wealthy man named Craig, who at first seems perfect. He’s attractive, fun, romantic, and he’s been successfully running his mother’s global real estate company while his mother, Doris travels the world. But Craig is far from perfect. He's obsessive and controlling, and once he sets his sights on Rachel, he has no plans of ever letting go.

                      Pierre David and Tom Berry Present


                                      THE CAST

Meredith Monroe                                    RACHEL MALEMAN

Jason Gray-Stanford                              CRAIG MILLER

Damon Runyan                                        RYAN MILLER

Bill Lake                                                  JERRY BERMAN

Krista Morin                                            LAURA MYLER

Brett Watson                                           JOHN ANDERSON

Catherine Mary Stewart                          DETECTIVE EVE MILLSTROM

Cinthia Burke                                          TASHA MILLER

Tom Berry                                               HOWARD RANTON

Sophie Gendron                                      MELISSA

Allison Brennan                                      DOMINIQUE


Mimi Kuzyk                                             DORIS MILLER



Directed By                                            CURTIS HAMES CRAWFORD

Written By                                              CHRISTINE CONRADT

Executive Producer                                PIERRE DAIVD

Executive Producers                              TOM BERRY

                                                               NIEL BREGMAN

                                                               CHRISTINE CONRADT

Associate Producers                              E. ANDREW PECS               

                                                               CINTHIA BURJE

Produced By                                           DONALD M. OSBIRNE

                                                               STEFAN WODOSLAWSKY

                                                               CURTIS JAMES CRAWFORD

Casting By                                              AARON GRIFFITH, C.S.A

                                                               LISA PARASYN

                                                               ILONA SMYTH

Costume Designer                                  ANDREW TAIT

Production Designer                               CSABA ANDRAS KERTESZ

Director of Photography                         BILL ST. JOHN          


Meredith Monroe

Meredith is best known for her work as Andie McPhee on the hit series “Dawson’s Creek”.  Shortly after making the move from New York City to Los Angeles, she found herself back on a plane to Wilmington, North Carolina to embark on the role of a lifetime as the neurotic, over-achieving , fun loving  Andie.   From there she has taken on a variety of roles from Laura Ingalls Wilder, to Hailey, a spoiled, vindictive murderer in the film “New Best friend”, to a supportive wife to Hotch on “Criminal Minds”, to a kooky, crazy, & misguided cooking show host Chloe on “Californication”, to a suffragette holding her own opposite Al Capone.   Meredith loves the opportunity to dive into different characters  & live fully in their skin.

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