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Growing up Fisher on NBC

"Growing Up Fisher" review by Sundi 3/1/14
airs Tuesdays 9:30/8:30 on NBC

The world needs more G-rated comedy. We live in such a raunch-culture that everything needs a warning, or a rating or parental permission, but not Growing up Fisher. This show may have its problems and I am not holding it up to the kinds of standards (real or imagined ) as I am for the other Tuesday night comedy, About a Boy, but itís cute and funny and is exactly what it looks like itís going to be.

Featuring JK Simmons and Jenna Elfman as the Fisher parents, Mel and Joyce, the story is told via voice over, Wonder Years-style. The show, apparently based on the true childhood story of executive DJ Nash, follows the Fisher family following the divorce of the parents and the strengthening of the family that follows the split. Henry, the youngest of the Fisher clan, is sweet and clever, and the relationship between him and his dad is such an idealized version of a father-son relationship, I canít help but get weepy every time they are onscreen together. Oh, and by the way, Mel is blind and Joyce is trying to find herself.

This show is meant for a pretty broad audience and lacks in comedic nuance and wit, but I am ok with that. Its entertaining and amusing, and the gags are well executed. I am concerned about some of the satellite characters, especially the Runyen character who reminds me of Kimmie Gibler and makes me want to gouge his eyes out, but I can get over it, as long this show keeps doing what its doing and doesnít bend to the pressures of lowest-common-denominator-comedy.

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