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Friends with Better Lives

"Friends With Better Lives" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays 8:30/9:30 on CBS

I don't watch too many sitcoms because most of them are not funny, or they have annoying people in them (and mostly because they're not funny). I watch a few sitcoms that are somewhat funny, sometimes. I guess I just have a very unusual sense of humor, or I'm very picky. Every time I watch a new sitcom, I brace myself because I'm fairly sure I won't like it.

However, I have to say the new sitcom "Friends with Better Lives" is actually pretty funny. So far I've just watched the first two episodes, but they were good. It reminds me a bit of "Friends", but it's funnier. I laugh all the way through it.

I loved James Van Der Beek in "Dawson's Creek", so I really wanted to like his last show, “Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23", but it was not funny and had a stupid name.  He's great in this as a newly-divorced doctor, Will.  The other people in his group of friends include Bobby and Andi,  a couple that have been married for ten years (and have a second child on the way); a newly-engaged couple Jules and Lowell; and a single female friend, Kate, who's very picky. It's a good selection of people. Bobby is Will's best friend, and they also share their medical practice. Will is staying with Bobby and Andi while he recovers from his divorce. Lowell is an Australian hippie-sort of guy who owns a vegan restaurant.

I look forward to seeing more. Make sure you check this out!

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Page updated 4/16/14

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