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The Fosters on ABC Family

"The Fosters" review by Sundi
Mondays 9/8c on ABC Family

I knew what I was getting into with ABC Family’s The Fosters. I knew, from previous experience with Switched at Birth and Bunheads, that the network is not afraid to tug at my heartstrings. But call me an emotional masochist, but I loved every minute of it. This show, while perhaps a little over-wrought for some,  is emotional and poignant in the best possible way.


ABC Family always delivers with unique original concepts, and The Fosters follows suit. The show centers on a same-sex, married couple, Lena and Stephanie, played by Teri Polo and Sheri Saum, and their children. Stephanie has a biological son, Brandon, from a previous marriage and they adopted Jesus and Mariana after fostering them eight years prior. Callie joins their mix, placed with them when she is released from juvenile detention. The opening scenes show Callie in juvie, where she is assaulted and beaten just before her release. Within three minutes of the is show’s beginning I am already crying like a fool.


Why would I want to watch something that is going to break my heart into a million pieces? Because so often, what we see on television is so gimmicky and yuck, and it appeals to the most rotten elements of human nature, that its shows like The Fosters that speaks to the sweet, to the heartfelt and to the kind aspects of our humanity. While some of us are too cynical to appreciate the family moments between the players, there is something to be said for a show that is not afraid to show its values, to be above the trash.  


NOTE From Suzanne: Like the kids in this show, I was a foster kid in San Diego (albeit many years ago) and parts of this do ring true, such as when Callie calls Brandon "the real kid". Other parts of it are pure TV fantasy because the real life of a foster kid is usually so much worse than this (and also more boring) --it would be much too sad and depressing to watch! I do enjoy the show because it's a good soap.

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Page updated 6/18/13

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