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"Fangasm" review by Suzanne
Tuesdays 12am/11pmc on Syfy

Even for Syfy, this is a strange show. It has an icky name and it runs at midnight. I didn't find it very entertaining because it has a lot more talking than anything else. I'm not a big fan of reality shows to begin with, but this one doesn't seem very interesting.

In the competition, scifi fans live and work together, like in the show "Big Brother", and compete against each other to see who the biggest nerd is (I think "King of the Nerds" does a better job with the idea).  Various celebrities such as Stan Lee and George Takei visit the show.

A Larp in the Park Sneak Peek

SUMMARY: Fangasm explodes to another level! Don't miss dinner with Elvira Tuesday at 12a/11c on Syfy.


Final Fandom Sneak Peek

SUMMARY: It's the Comikaze launch party, and we learn which of the interns will be staying on at the job permanently! Watch the Fangasm finale at 1 a.m. ET/ 12c (midnight)!


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Page updated 10/22/13

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