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"Face-Off" review by Suzanne
Season 6 premieres January 14 9/8c on Syfy

I don't normally watch this show (or any non-fiction show), but it's a fun one for scifi fans.  It's your typical competition show, where people compete to see who wins. In this case, the competitors are making-up models for scifi movies. In the DVD they sent me, they are given models with weird hairstyles and then have to make characters to fit the hairstyles.  Two of the contestants are chosen as best, and one "wins", meaning that he doesn't get voted off in the next segment. 

In the next segment, the contestants team up in groups of two or three and then have to make a "beast" to go with a Beauty and the Beast castle.  Then they're judged by a panel.

Famous Star Trek make-up artist Michael Westmore appears to help coach the contestants (his daughter, McKenzie, is the long-time host of the show). Film director Stephen Sommers also appears to give advice to the contestants.

If I watched this type of show, this is one I would definitely watch because it has cool make-up stuff that looks like the people in the shows I watch. It's somewhat interesting to see how they use makeup to create cool characters. Also, I love McKenzie Westmore, who is a great actress as well.

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