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Cast of "Enlisted"

"Enlisted" review by Sundi 12/28/13
Premieres January 10, Friday 9:30/8:30c on FOX

I know I get excited about a lot of TV, and I mainly think its because I just enjoy TV (almost) more than anything else, but this mid-seasonís premieres are looking VERY promising. That being said, I donít think Iím overstating how funny and endearing FOXís new show Enlisted is, and is perhaps the standout of the bunch (although it may be a little early to predict the number one). This show is Private Benjamin meets the Bad News Bears meets Brooklyn 99 meets Modern Family. Enlisted is an updated comedy about three brothers, all serving in the United States Army, one of which is super-soldier, over-achiever Pete (played by Geoff Stults), while the other two brothers, Derrick and Randy (Chris Lowell and Parker Young, respectively) have their own *ahem* challenges.. While the premise sounds like it could venture into political commentary, or come off as disrespectful, itís not condescending at all, nor does it make light of the circumstances that make this show a work-place comedy of sorts. Enlisted is more a show about itís individual parts than it is about the whole.

The combination of the Hill brothers and the supporting cast is golden and has endless potential. The chemistry among the brothers is charm personified, as the older brother Pete returns home from the war in Afghanistan after being demoted to the Rear Detachment Unit to join his brothers. Derrick is the middle brother with little respect for the Army and a wit and sarcasm that balances the sentimental with snark. Randy is the youngest brother, and the most naive and earnest of the three -- playing the butt of his brothersí jokes. The show is not afraid to make fun of itself or the main characters and the timing could not be better executed.

Of the three episodes I saw, the third, Prank Wars, was the funniest and most well crafted. This installment captures what this show is already getting right and what makes some shows (especially this one) exponentially funnier than others. Its jokes are simply absurd enough to have a broad reach, yet clever enough to appeal to a jaded, cynical viewer. With lines like, ďYou canít cover your junk with excuses,Ē Enlisted is going to appeal to a lot of viewers.

If you havenít taken my advice about anything so far, take it about this show. I have a feeling its going to be a giant hit, and is going to be talked about with the likes of New Girl and The Mindy Project (except with a lot more testosterone).

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