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"Chozen" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays 10:30pm on FX

I really didn't think I would like this show. There are a lot of bad animated shows out there that play toward 13 year olds with lots of gross jokes that I just don't find funny. FX had one last year, Unsupervised.  When I heard that this show is about a white gay rapper than just got out of prison, it didn't really make me want to watch it. I'm not a fan of rap music, either.

However, I have to say that viewing the upcoming 6 episodes changed my mind. I can't say it's the funniest show ever, but it's definitely worth watching. The writing is very good. The characters are very well developed. They're like real people. That's very rare for any TV show, but especially an animated one. I mean, sure, they're cartoon characters, but they say things that are surprising and somewhat deep at times. It's certainly not at all predictable.

Like most FX shows, it pushes the envelope. Expect a lot of sex (especially gay sex), drugs, hip-hop and more. What makes it all work is that the main character is gay, even though he tries to be a gangster-type, and although he's not the brightest guy in the world, he has some interesting insights at time.   Also, he just has so much hope and joy, and he wants so badly to be a successful rapper.

The other characters around him are pretty good, too, like his sister, and his two buddies, and his arch-enemy, among others.  The stories are very interesting. Chozen gets out of prison and wants to go back to his old life, and we see how it works out when he comes across obstacles (like going back to college, or dealing with his parole officer, or his close friend getting out of jail).

The last episode is quite good and shocking. Please do watch them because it's worth it. Also, there's lots of great music! I was again surprised by how much I liked it.  Real life rapper Method Man assists on the rap, but the guy who writes the show is very good at all of his writing, including the music.

The show stars comedian Bobby Moynihan of Saturday Night Live. He does a great job portraying Chozen.  The artwork is done by the same company that does art for "Archer", so it's very good.

I really think that the only people who won't like this show are people looking for something to object to (like the type of humor), or people who just hate rap music. I found it to be very funny and surprising, and at times shocking and even moving.


FX Chozen Episode 1 - "Pilot" (Airs January 13) - An aspiring rapper tries to get his life back on track after being released from prison. Written by Grant Dekernion.

FX Chozen Episode 2 - "Love and Bottlerockets" (Airs January 20) - When Chozen suspects Tracy's boyfriend is cheating on her, he takes matters into his own hands. Written by Grant Dekernion.

FX Chozen Episode 3 - "Beef" (Airs January 27) - A surprising job offer reunites Chozen with an old enemy. Written by Brian Ash.

FX Chozen Episode 4 - "Da Director" (Airs February 3) - Tracy and Chozen collaborate on a video while Ricky and Crisco attempt to get Troy laid. Written by Christian Lander.

FX Chozen Episode 5 - "Laced" (Airs February 10) - An old flame comes between Chozen and the band as they prepare to perform at an exclusive party. Written by Willie Block & Jake Emanuel.

Video Clips: Drop This January, a hip hop legend is born.

Hot Fire What do Chozen's lyrics sound like? Tasty, son.

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Page updated 1/14/14

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