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photo from Bonnie & Clyde

"Bonnie & Clyde" review by Sundi 12/8/13
World Premiere Tonight at 9/8c on History

Bonnie and Clyde, the Lifetime miniseries movie was not quite what I expected. With The Hatfields and McCoys still  in my recent memory, I thought I was going to get a healthy dose of historical fiction with a little high drama thrown in, and Bonnie Clyde got some of it right. Aside from the grating and faltering Southern accents, the movie wasn’t exactly disappointing, but it certainly didn’t blow me away. It had all the makings of a great movie, but somehow the sum didn’t measure up to the individual parts.


Emile Hirsh plays Clyde Barrow much more sensitive than I expected, and it was of great interest that he was believed to have a second sight that helped them elude capture for so long. . He is usually an amazing actor (just see Into the Wild if you need convincing) but he is playing second-fiddle to British actress Holliday Grainger’s Bonnie. The movie gives little in the way of insight into their relationship, but makes it quite obvious that Bonnie is the authority of the duo, and Clyde struggles to keep her happy as she needs more and more notoriety to feed her vanity. The movie suggests that Clyde had little motive to be the criminal he became other than to do what pleased Bonnie. She is not a very sympathetic character, and her ego becomes unbearable as their crimes worsen, and the consequences grow. It becomes harder and harder for me to believe that a man like Clyde would love a woman like Bonnie.


Clyde met Bonnie at her wedding to another man and he was smitten with her from the start. It was his infatuation that blinded him to her true nature, and allowed her to sway his every decision -- every decision but his last. The movie took liberties in the way in which it portrayed the duo, but the chemistry was not as I would expect between two characters with such infamous stories preceding them. I never fully bought the passion that was supposed to exist between them, and I certainly couldn’t imagine those two being so love they would launch a full on crime spree fueled solely by their passion for one another. But the movie was well put together, and beautifully shot, so I am pleased with the time I spent with it.

Bonnie & Clyde debuts Dec 8th and Dec 9th as a simulcast on Lifetime, A&E and History. 

Lifetime®, A&E® and HISTORY® unite for the first time to premiere a two-night major movie event.Bonnie & Clyde follows Clyde Barrow (Emile Hirsch), Bonnie Parker (Holliday Grainger) and the notorious Barrow Gang as they commit small-time robberies and daring bank heists, leaving murdered police officers and civilians in their wake. Rumored to have a sixth sense to see events before they happened, Barrow was always able to stay one step ahead of the law as his gang escaped capture time and again. His one blind spot was Parker, who was intent on becoming famous and fed on the alluring media attention, pushing Barrow to commit riskier and more dangerous crimes to generate bigger headlines and make them the most famous criminals of the modern era. Also stars Academy Award® winners William Hurt, Holly Hunter and Sarah Hyland. 


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