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Black Sails cast

"Black Sails" review by Suzanne
Airs Saturdays at 9 on Starz

I've only watched the first episode of this so far (I don't get Starz any more), but it was very good. It has a lot of action it's a good period piece, and it has lots of interesting characters.

Because it's on a pay channel, it also has lots of sex and violence. Gory, blood violence. If that doesn't bother you, then you should enjoy this show. It's a great rollicking good fun show about pirates with lots of political intrigue and romance thrown in. I would definitely watch it if I got this channel.

The lead character (if there really is one) is John Silver, a thief and stowaway. However, there are many characters and he's just one. They all have their own secrets and agendas, just like in any good drama. Don't miss it!

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Page updated 2/22/14

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