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Bitten cast

"Bitten" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays 10/9c on Syfy

This is a good, solid show about werewolves. What makes it unique is that it's from a female perspective, to a certain extent. The heroine is a female werewolf, Elena, played very well by Laura Vandervoort (she is probably best known as playing Supergirl on "Smallville", and she was also in "V" on ABC).  She is living in the city (Toronto) with her boyfriend, away from her pack. Her pack seems to be all men except for her, and they live in a country estate far from her city. We learn in the first episode that she was in foster homes and was adopted by them (at least, that's what she tells her boyfriend, who doesn't know that she's a werewolf).

It will be interesting to see how long she can keep the secret and whether she will be able to stay away from her pack. In the first episode, she is called home, along with the other pack members, because a rogue werewolf is killing people nearby. She travels with her friend and therapist, Logan, who is also part of the pack but living in the city and hasn't told his live-in girlfriend that he's a werewolf.

Unlike the other members of her pack, Elena doesn't want to be a werewolf and resists changing as much as she can, which apparently is not a good idea. I can't really blame her for not wanting to change because it always looks so painful, but if you don't change then I guess you could change in front of other people, which wouldn't be good.

The rest of the cast is very fine, and I enjoyed the first episode. It went very quickly. I couldn't believe it was over already. I'm sure it will be a good show for Syfy. They really only have one other werewolf show (MTV's Teen Wolf), which is fabulous, but it's about teenagers and very different from this one. There are werewolves on Syfy's Being Human, and on Vampire Diaries and The Originals, of course. One might say there's a glut of vampires and werewolves. As long as the shows are good, I don't mind!

The TV show is based on a successful series of books by Canadian writer Kelley Armstrong. I just started reading the first one. Don't expect the TV show to be like the book because it's very different. Check it out because it's a show worth watching.

Read my interview with Vandervoort and Armstrong.

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Page updated 1/16/14

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