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"The Bachelorette" review by Sundi 5/22/14
Airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC

If you are expecting something shockingly new and unfamiliar with this season of The Bachelorette, you are going to be sorely disappointed. This season features Andi, a young and beautiful (duh) attorney from Atlanta that was previously dumped by Juan Pablo. Andi seems smart and capable, but this apple doesnít fall far from the Bachelorette tree.

Already she delivers lines like, ďI donít know what I did to deserve so many guys,Ē and ďThis is really the hardest decision Iíve ever had to make.Ē They must hand these women a phrase book before shooting begins. Since Iíve only seen one episode of this seasonís Bachelorette, and gave up on Juan Pabloís season too early to get to know her, I am going to reserve judgment, because she seems like she might have a good head on her shoulders. Besides, its just good manners to for one Southerner to cut another Southerner a break.

As for the guys, well there is quite a bit of talent this season, let me tell you. There is never any shortage of handsome, but sometimes you just canít have it all, and you wind up with too much pretty and not enough smarts. I donít think thatís the case this season, although the guy who presented her with a lamp from his hotel room might need a good talking-to, and the man identifying as a pantsepreneur is a whole other conversation. Other stand-outs include Nick V. (who got the first impression rose) and Tasos, who had the most endearing meet-cute of the night. Personally, Iím rooting for Tasos, Ďcause I like Ďem tall dark and handsome. Apparently so does Andi, even though she sent a gate crasher packing when he showed up with an armful of roses. The gate crasher ďjust happenedĒ (I donít really believe that, hence the quotes) Chris Bukowski from Emilyís season. Chris gave him the boot, at the direction of Andi and it was so embarrassing I had to turn away. Ouch.

Although I am laying on the snark a little thick, I am definitely going to watch this season play out. I am such a sucker for romance, even if it is completely artificial and far-fetched, and this is like lady porn to me: complete fantasy. Also, according to the memorial at the beginning of the first episode, one of the male contestants lost their lives, so that promises to bring a little bit of something new.

Iíll be watching from week to week, but if youíre looking for something other than exactly what its been for the last twenty years, donít waste your time. The Bachelorette is quite a time commitment, clocking in at a hefty two hours.

Tweet me your thoughts while you watch. Itíll be like weíre watching together.

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Page updated 5/26/14

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