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Atlantis heroes

"Atlantis" review by Suzanne
Airs Saturdays 9/8c on BBC America

Somehow I missed the beginning of this show and it's been airing for a while now. I watched the first few episodes. I enjoy it, but it's not what I'd call a great show. It's done by the same people who did "Merlin", but that show was a lot better. I couldn't tell you why, exactly. I guess because this new show is more silly. Both shows had humor and are aimed at a younger audience, but "Merlin" had a sort of coolness about it that this one lacks. In fact, it reminds me more of the old "Hercules" and "Xena" shows when they first started (and the spin-offs they had from those). Okay, maybe not quite as bad as those shows.

The show started off really good, with great special effects, lots of action, and interesting characters. Then it got a bit confusing. In fact, it also sort of reminds me of the Syfy show "Sinbad", to a certain extent.

Jack Donnelly plays Jason, the hero (perhaps of "Jason and the Argonauts"?) He's very handsome and does a good job. There aren't too many other handsome actors that I could see (his two friends are just dopey). Alexander Siddig from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" plays King Minos, who's not a good guy from what I can tell.

A young man goes looking for his father and instead finds the lost city of Atlantis. He finds out from an oracle that he's in another universe and that his father "walks among the dead" and that he has a great destiny. He meets Pythagoras and Hercules, who become his friends and help him slay a minotaur. There are lots of strange and mythical people and beasts.

It's not too shocking or surprising; it doesn't make you think too hard, but it's an entertaining hour to see some fun action and adventure.

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Page updated 1/14/14

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