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Zero Hour

"Zero Hour" review by Suzanne
Aired on ABC

I enjoyed the first episode, but I guess I was the only one because it's already been canceled by ABC!

I do love Anthony Edwards, so that's why I watched the show. It reminded me (and I'm sure anyone else who watched it) of the  movie "The Da  Vinci Code". Hank (Edwards) wife gets kidnapped after she buys a clock in an antique store. The clock makes it home, but she doesn't. Her husband is in charge of a magazine called "Modern Skeptic", which I gather is a kind of tabloid newspaper. In figuring out the clock, he and two of his reporters figure out it dates back to the Nazis.

What was very weird about the show is that the flashbacks to the Nazis revealed that they had some kind of "evil baby". It was a kind of convoluted story that involved Hank and an FBI agent traveling to Antartica to find this agent Nazi submarine.

I wasn't planning to watch the show any time soon, merely because I don't have time to add another show to my DVR schedule. Now I guess I never will watch it. Oh, well.

I'm not sure the show deserved to live, but there aren't too many shows that I think should be killed after just a few episodes, either, and that seems to be the trend lately.

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Page updated 3/4/13

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