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"Vegas" review by Suzanne
Tuesdays 10/9c on CBS

I really was hoping this show would be great because it stars Dennis Quaid, whom I love. It's set in old Vegas, which is fun and fascinating. It's written by the guy who did "Casino". That last part should have let me know that it might not be that great of a show... I don't think I actually liked that movie, just the actors, and the setting.

Anyway, this show, at least judging from the pilot, is very mediocre. I read someone called it NCIS in Vegas, but it's not even as good as NCIS. I would say that they are desperately trying to be "Longmire", which is a fantastic show, but they really fell short.

There's a lot of action, so if you're into that, you may like this show despite the boring writing.  It has a lot of characters, but I didn't really care about any of them, aside from Dennis Quaid's Ralph Lamb. I wouldn't have thought you could make a really boring show about Las Vegas, but somehow they managed. Michael Chiklis does a great job as the mob bad guy, but of course he does... I think he could do that in his sleep.

I was hoping they would at least get the time period or the local history right, but the one woman in the cast has hair like a modern woman. It doesn't at all look like someone from 1960. They tred to reproduce the old Las Vegas casinos from back then (in the background), but for some reason, other than the Golden Nugget, they use fake names for the old casinos downtown, like The Mint. They use the same design as the Mint, but not the names of the actual places.  Most of the action takes place indoors, or in the desert, so I don't know why it would be so hard to make it more accurate on those few shots they have. Plus, when they showed the downtown, the Sahara and the Riveria were behind them (which they never were - the Strip and downtown areas are not close together).

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Page updated 9/26/12

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