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"The Ultimate Fighter" review by Suzanne
Fridays starting 9/14 on FX

I thought this would be like a boxing sporting event or something, but it's really just another reality show. They bring in a bunch of guys, some very colorful, and they don't just fight each other. They also talk to the camera a lot. They are competing not just for prize money or a title but for a fighting contract.

A sporting event is more about who wins and loses. This is about making things interesting for TV. There is lots of cussing, but they do bleep it out.

I don't really like seeing people beat each other up, nor am I a big fan of either sports or reality shows, so this is definitely not my cup of tea. People who like these things will probably enjoy the show, though. It has a lot of action and drama.

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Page updated 9/10/12

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