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Red Widow cast

"Red Widow" review by Suzanne
Sundays 10/9c on ABC

I didn't enjoy this show. I admit, it's fairly well-written and has interesting characters and lots of action. However, I don't like shows where the protagonists are bad guys or real law-breakers. I couldn't watch "The Shield", "Mob Doctor", "Weeds" or "The Sopranos", for instance. I don't like seeing scummy or morally bankrupt people as the person I'm supposed to root for. I want to see real heroes. You would think the TV networks would have figured that out by now. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

In this show, the main character is a woman who's married to a drug smuggler. They have a nice life, and she wants him to quit that illegal business, and he does try, but things don't go well. Still, she knows what he does, and she stays with him, with three kids. I have a lot of trouble with this. And then it gets even worse after something terrible happens and she has to do his business for him. Then it was really starting to sound like Mob Doctor. Oh, and you KNOW he's a bad guy because he has a pony tail. Sheesh.

I'm not even against drug use and think it should be legalized. However, drug smugglers and dealers are not nice people and do prey on the weak, and they lead very violent lives (as shown here). Also, the show lacks any kind of humor whatsoever, so it's pretty dark.

The woman who stars in the show, Radha Mitchell, is pretty, but she's not all that likable, so that doesn't help. It's a real shame because I love Jaime Ray Newman, who plays her sister; and Goran Visnjic, who plays another bad guy. But, blecch. Just not my kind of show at all.

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Page updated 3/6/13

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