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"Price Check" review by Suzanne
Opens November 16th in theaters

I really enjoyed this movie. It's an independent film starring Eric Mabius ("Ugly Betty") and Parker Posey ("Louie" and "The Good Wife") as well as Annie Parisse ("Law and Order"), and Edward Hermann ("Gilmore Girls", "The Good Wife"). Mabius plays Pete, who works in the pricing department for a grocery store chain (in a fairly boring but easy job). Posey plays Susan, who comes in as his new boss and tries to shake things up. Parisse is Pete's wife, Sara. Hermann ably plays the big boss.

Normally we only do TV show reviews or DVD reviews, but this movie has a lot of TV stars in it, so we were happy to get the movie in advance in order to review it. It's a comedy, but it's not one of those where you're laughing every moment. It has plenty of laughs, but it also makes you uncomfortable and drags you into the story. 

Most of the movie is seen from Pete's point of view, but Parker Posey is the focus of the movie, and she does an amazing job - steals the show. Susan is described as a "ball-buster" and a "bitch", among other things, but she also seems just a little crazy. Some aspects of Susan will be familiar to anyone who has worked in business, I'm sure. In fact, I used to work for Pathmark, a super market, and I had a boss who was similar to Susan. We all hated and feared her, but we also admired her, as well as thought she was a little crazy.

From the beginning, Susan sweeps Pete, and us, off our feet. She makes Pete feel more alive in his job and gets him motivated, and she gives him a big raise. She makes friends with his wife, but it's pretty clear from the beginning that there is also an undertone of sexual attraction. The director does a great job of playing it very subtly, but even so, we can tell that, at some point, she and Pete will probably be either killing each other, or  having sex. Or both!  If you loved Posey's character in "Louie", you will love her in this movie because she's a similar type of movie.However, this movie is not predictable, and it will keep you off-balance, just like Susan does Pete, and everyone else. 

The ending is a bit bland, but there were only so many places it could go. My only complaint about the movie is that it seems to be the male view of the world, or at least of women. I can't imagine this one scene in the movie, where Posey throws a tantrum, would ever actually happen. Also, Sara acts in a certain way that seems to be kind of sexist (I don't want to go into too much detail and give away crucial plot points).

Check it out!



Starring: Parker Posey, Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty), Annie Parisse, Josh Pais & Cheyenne Jackson

Starting Today October 10th, Available to View on VOD, iTunes, Sundance Now, XBOX, Playstation, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube

"Price Check" is a comedy about the high price of a middle-class life.

Pete Cozy has found himself a house in the suburbs and a job in the pricing department of a middling supermarket chain. Pete's job allows him to spend quality time with his wife and young son and, despite the fact that they are drowning in debts, they appear happy.

Everything changes when Pete gets a new boss, the beautiful, high-powered, fast talking Susan Felders. With Susan's influence, Pete finds himself on the executive track, something that both surprises and excites him. The more his salary increases, the more he has to perform at work... and the less time he gets to spend with his family. At the same time, his relationship with his boss begins to cross the line of professional etiquette. Both become enamored with one another - creating tension in the workplace and in his personal home life.

Written and Directed by Michael Walker
Produced by Dolly Hall 

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