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Monday Mornings cast

"Monday Mornings" review by Suzanne
Premieres Monday February 4 at 10pm (et/pt) on TBS

I always love medical shows, and this one is no different. I grew up watching shows like "Medical Center" and "Marcus Welby", and then later "St. Elsewhere", "ER" and "Chicago Hope". Now I love "General Hospital" and "Grey's Anatomy". There have also been many medical shows that were not as successful, but I watched them.

This is a good show, and I sure hope it survives! It's got great credentials because it comes from Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well as David E. Kelley. Gupta is a national medical expert, and Kelley, a legal expert, has had many hit TV dramas. They mesh well together here.

I was excited to hear that Jamie Bamber and Jennifer Finnegan star in the show. He is great in everything, from "Battlestar Galactica" to "Law & Order UK" to so many other shows. She was excellent years ago as Bridget on "The Bold & The Beautiful" and has done a few primetime roles here and there. They both shine here, and they are in excellent company with Alfred Molina, Ving Rhames, Bill Irwin, Jonathan Silverman and more. What a great cast!

The writing is very good, too. The surgeons on this show, set in Portland, Oregon, gather every Monday morning so that the chief surgeon, Dr. Hooten (Molina) can review their cases (especially the failures). The rest of the show is all about their patients, their work, and their love lives. It's a very good show and I will be watching it further. I saw three episodes and they were great.

On the other hand, I'm not sure it is nearly as good as "Leverage", that TNT just canceled. I'm still very upset about that.


Doctors Push Limits to Save Lives in TNT's Powerful New Medical Drama

Monday Mornings, from Award-Winning Producer David E. Kelley

Series Based on a novel by World-Renowned Neurosurgeon & CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Doctors face life-and-death decisions each and every day as they fight against often-impossible odds to save their patients. And when things don't go as they should, it's up to their medical colleagues to determine what went wrong and learn from those costly mistakes. This February, TNT is going to take viewers into the fast-paced, split-decision world of hospital doctors in Monday Mornings, a powerful new drama series from award-winning producer David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, The Practice) and practicing neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Based on Gupta's acclaimed novel, Monday Mornings stars Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, TNT's The Company), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Jennifer Finnigan (Better with You), Bill Irwin (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Keong Sim (Glee), Sarayu Rao (Lions for Lambs) and Emily Swallow (TNT's Southland). The series is set to launch Monday, Feb. 4, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), following the second-season premiere of TNT's breakout hit Dallas.

Set at the fictional Chelsea General Hospital in Portland, Oregon, Monday Mornings follows the lives of doctors as they push the limits of their abilities and confront their personal and professional failings. The title refers to the hospitalís weekly morbidity and mortality conference, when doctors gather with their peers for a confidential review of complications and errors in patient care.

Leading the staff at Chelsea General are Dr. Harding Hooten (Molina), the steely-eyed chief of surgery, and Dr. Jorge Villanueva (Rhames), the hospital's trauma chief. Their cadre of medical talent includes hotshot neurosurgeons Dr. Tyler Wilson (Bamber) and Dr. Tina Ridgeway (Finnigan); the abrasive Dr. Buck Tierney (Irwin); the socially challenged Dr. Sung Park (Sim); the petite-but-formidable Dr. Sydney Napur (Rao); and inquisitive resident Dr. Michelle Robidaux (Swallow).

Monday Mornings is produced by TNT Originals and David E. Kelley Productions. Kelley, Bill DíElia (Boston Legal, The West Wing) and Gupta serve as executive producers.

About TNT

TNT, one of cable's top-rated networks, is television's destination for drama. Seen in 99 million households, TNT is home to such original drama series as Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Dallas, Perception, Major Crimes, Franklin & Bash, Leverage, Southland and the upcoming Monday Mornings. The network also features dramatic unscripted originals like the upcoming Boston's Finest (working title), 72 Hours (working title) and The Hero (working title). In addition, TNT is the cable home to popular dramas like The Mentalist, Bones, Supernatural, Las Vegas, Law & Order and Castle, which starts this year; primetime specials, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards; blockbuster movies; and championship sports coverage, including NASCAR, the NBA and the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

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