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The Moment

"The Moment" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10/9c on Lifetime

I rarely watch any reality shows. I especially hate the kind that are all about trashy people, or all about making fun of people. Fortunately, "The Moment" is one of the good ones that is uplifting and inspiring. It is about helping people achieve their dream.

They take an ordinary person who has the talent or ability to achieve something, but for whatever reason, did not do it. I saw the first two episodes. One was about a woman in Birmingham, Alabama, who wanted to be a sports photographer. She'd had a photography business but, due to a nasty divorce, had to give up the business. Also, she was really into sports. So they took her to a professional sports photographer, who taught her how to really be one. There's a lot more that goes into it than you'd think! And then they got her an interview with Sports Illustrated, who actually hired her! With the encouragement of her family, and even her current boss, she moved to New York to take the job. That was very awesome.  The most moving part was when they took her to a shooting range, to help develop her hand-eye-coordination further, and she was upset because her mother had shot herself, so she didn't like guns.

The other segment they sent me involved a man who wanted to drive in NASCAR. They took him out and he drove, and they taught him how to do it right, and he got a try-out, but he failed. He just wasn't quite fast enough, by a few seconds (harsh!).  His real problem, though, was his lack of self-confidence. It messed with his head when he was driving. It did seem, though, that getting this opportunity to at least try out did help his self-esteem a bit. I hope so, anyway! I felt bad for him.

This is a really good. It inspires you, moves you, and makes you feel. What more can you wish from a TV show?

Now, who's going to help me realize MY dream of becoming a lazy billionaire? :)

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Page updated 4/24/13

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