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The Mob Doctor cast

"The Mob Doctor" review by Suzanne
Mondays 9/8 on FOX

The premise of this show is pretty unusual: a Chicago surgeon, Grace, has mob ties. Even though she likes saving people's lives, she is indebted to the mob, so she has to frequently stitch up people that are doing illegal activities. In the premiere, she doesn't kill this informant that the mob boss Moretti wants dead, so he comes after her, and her family. She instead runs to this other mob boss, Constantine (William Forsythe), and he kills Moretti. Now she's indebted to him, instead.

It's kind of a soap opera in some ways, but it's not "The Sopranos". She is not a mobster, and she is the heroine of the show. Her brother is played by Jesse Lee Sofer, who was so great as Will on "As the World Turns". He is a screw-up and gambler, and the reason that Grace is in league with the mob.

On top of all this, Grace is one of those too-caring doctors that only seem to exist on TV. She gets in arguments with the other doctors about patient care. Grace chooses to stay in Chicago when she could have left town or gone to the cops, so she is not a victim. It's interesting that we learn a little bit more of her past with each episode. Her father was a drunk, and she found his body. Her mother enabled him and lied to her kids about the drinking, but they knew, anyway.  Still, she's close to her family, even with all of the problems.

It's a good show and intriguing to watch. I have to admit I wasn't sure if I would like it, going by the previews, but Grace definitely is a heroine, even though she has to deal with moral issues. She has a line she won't cross (at least so far). The show is not "House" but it's not a bad substitute, unless you only watched "House" for the humor. There isn't a lot of humor in this show.

It was created by Josh Berman (who also created "Drop Dead Diva") and Rob Wright. Both have worked on many shows, such as "Bones" and "CSI".

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Page updated 9/25/12

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