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"Last Resort" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 8/7 on ABC

I just watched the first two episodes of "Last Resort", which premieres this week on Thursday and also repeats on Friday.  This is a really good show. I hope everyone else agrees! It's not really like your average TV show. It's more like a little movie every week. Like "Hunt for Red October". The question will be whether military people like it or not, I guess. I would think they would because it's all about the military. The question is, I guess, whether they think that it's okay for a soldier to sometimes disobey orders or not.

In this show, brilliant actor Andre Braugher plays a submarine commander (Marcus) in a sub near Pakistan. First, he and his crew pick up some stranded Navy SEAL men.  Then, he gets an order from a secondary channel to send a nuclear bomb to Pakistan. He is supposed to just do it, but it sounds suspicious to him, so he tries to call to find out if it's real or not. Then their sub is attacked by another sub (an American sub). They fight it off but end up going to this little remote island. It has a station run by NATO.

Some of his sailors follow his lead, and some don't. Some of the SEALS are on his side, and others aren't. Everyone has secrets that come out gradually. In the meantime, a sub does nuke Pakistan, or at least one of its cities.

There are many many characters. You have not just the navy SEALS and the submariners, but there's also all of the island people, and the people back home. It's a very complex, interesting drama with lots of people. Yet, it is never confusing at all. They do a good job of setting it up and letting you know what's going on. The cast is outstanding.

Also, there is tons of action as well as drama. You see lots of gunfire, explosions, etc.  It's not something you can watch casually while you're typing or reading or doing the dishes. It is very engrossing but you do have to pay attention. Just like a movie!

Make sure you watch this great drama. You will not be sorry.

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Page updated 9/26/12

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