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Scene from this season's first episode

"Justifed" review by Suzanne
returns Tuesday, January 8 on FX

The best show on TV, "Justified", starts season 4 tonight. You don't want to miss it! It's a great drama with fantastic writing and fabulous acting. It is sort of like a western set in modern times, but so much better than any TV western ever done before. Since it's a cable show, there are only a few episodes per season, and everyone is like a precious gem.

In the first two episodes this season, which I've seen, we find that Raylan is still sleeping with the bartender who rents a room to him, and they are very chummy. Raylan is still an expectant daddy, but broken up with his ex. He is looking for extra ways to make money, which puts him on an interesting case.

The season centers on a big mystery which happened 30 years ago, and the very beginning of the first episode shows part of what happened. We see the return of some fun characters, and Arlo suddenly becomes very prominent in the story, even though he's in jail. The end of the first episode will really shock you!

The second episode has the usual twists and turns. More characters are introduced, and another shocker happens at the end of it. I don't want to tell you more and spoile it, but make sure to watch!

Episode #1 "Hole in the Wall" Episode #2 "Where's Waldo?"

Video Previews: Justified: Headlights In Harlan County, your greatest enemy may be standing right in front of you. Justified, Season Premiere Tuesday Jan 17 at 10p only on FX.
Muzzle In Harlan County, there´s no still in the night.
Raise the Stakes Restore the order.

The next 6 episodes were also great! I was sad to see Arlo die in the last episode. However, I've long since figured out that everyone on this show is expendable, except Raylan and Boyd. I just hope Ava survives, but I'm not exactly hopeful at this point, especially since she and Boyd are so happy right now.

I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am! I hear the ratings are really good, too. That's great!

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Page updated 3/4/13

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