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Impractical Jokers

"Impractical Jokers" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10pm (et/pt) on truTV

This is a practical joke type of show, like Jackass or Candid Camera, et al.  These four guys dare each other to do various tasks that are embarrassing, and they get points if they go through with it (or not). For instance, they have to ask passers-by if they know that they look like some celebrity, and ask ridiculous questions that the other ones put up. Or in another gimmick, one team has to put on a sexual harassment seminar to a group of people at a real company, while the other team has set up the ridiculous questions for them to ask, or silly videos for them to show.

I had never seen this show before or even heard of it. This year is the second season. Apparently it's fairly successful. It's kind of funny to watch these guys fool around and make each other look bad.  It's pretty outrageous and silly.

If you like shows of this type, you should enjoy Impractical Jokers. It aired in December but will continue in January. Have fun watching it!


truTV's Hit Series Impractical Jokers Returns in December

With All-New Collection of Side-Splitting Antics

Four lifelong friends are about to take dares to an outrageous new level this winter, when truTV's hilarious hidden-camera series Impractical Jokers returns for its eagerly anticipated second season. Q, Murr, Joe and Sal will bravely face some of the most unbelievably awkward and brazen hijinks yet, daring each other with over-the-top challenges that are guaranteed to set a new side-splitting standard. The second season of Impractical Jokers is slated to premiere Thursday, Dec. 13, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), exclusively on truTV.

Ever since they were little kids growing up together, the four friends at the center of Impractical Jokers have dared one another to do some of the most ridiculous things in public. Now all grown up, they are capturing their extreme dares on hidden camera, complete with the unsuspecting public's amused, confused, or flabbergasted reactions.

This winter, nothing will be off limits as Q, Murr, Joe and Sal do everything they can to push their competitors past the breaking point. In one early challenge, they will conduct sensitivity training for a group of floored office employees. In another, the guys will test the patience of guests in a waiting room when they serve as clueless receptionists. They'll don headsets at a fast food drive-through window as they try to score tips from hungry motorists by repeating their orders back in a soulful sing-song fashion, And they'll tank – literally – as fool-service gas station attendants. That's just the beginning of what's in store.

As always, the guys are graded after each dare to determine who succeeds under pressure and who collapses in defeat. (Given the level of dares this season, there's probably going to be a lot more of the latter.) At the end of each episode, the joker with the lowest score must then face a mortifying challenge with truly humiliating consequences.

Impractical Jokers premiered to critical acclaim in December 2011 and quickly became one of truTV's biggest hits, especially among young adults. The show averaged 2.1 million viewers in Q3 2012 and ranked among basic cable’s Top 5 programs in the timeslot with key adult and male demos. Impractical Jokers is also one of truTV's youngest-skewing series, scoring a median age of only 33. In addition, the show's Facebook page has drawn more than 420,000 fans, an impressive achievement for a series that's less than a year old.

Impractical Jokers comes to truTV from NorthSouth Productions (Say Yes to the Dress), with Charlie DeBevoise and Mark Hickman serving as executive producers.

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About truTV

truTV, one of cable’s fastest growing brands, offers a wildly entertaining look at the real world through outrageous characters, unpredictable situations and irreverent storytelling. Currently seen in 92 million U.S. households, truTV features such popular original series as Hardcore Pawn, Lizard Lick Towing, Storage Hunters, Impractical Jokers, Operation Repo, South Beach Tow, Full Throttle Saloon, Black Gold, World's Dumbest and Killer Karaoke as well as the upcoming Hardcore Pawn: Chicago. In addition, truTV is a partner in airing the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. During the daytime, the channel features expert trial coverage under the name In Session.

truTV is part of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company. Turner Broadcasting creates and programs branded news; entertainment; animation and young adult; and sports media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.

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