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"Go On" review by Suzanne
September 11, Tuesdays, 9/8c on NBC

This is a pretty funny show, and I hope it's a big hit! I love Matthew Perry. His last show, "Mr. Sunshine", was fun, but it was a little too weird and not quite funny enough to be a hit. I think this new one is much funnier.

Perry plays a successful radio sports DJ who tries to come back to work after the loss of his wife (a month before). His boss (John Cho) makes him go to a therapy group. There are lots of characters in the show, between his work and the therapy group. You will notice some famliar faces, I'm sure.

The beginning of the episode started slowly and not that funny (the part where he goes into his office), but after he left the office and went to therapy, it really picked up and made me laugh quite a bit. Note that the only job a comedy has is to be funny. It's nice if the characters are likable, too, but the main thing is to be funny. It doesn't matter if it has dramatic moments, or it's heart-warming, or it makes you think, or anything else.

So many comedies today are not that funny, but this one is. At least, the first episode was. Sometimes it's a fine line, with quirky characters in comedy. They can be either very funny or annoy you. They seem to be funny in this show.

Check it out !

08/21/2012 (10:00PM - 10:30PM) (Tuesday) : SERIES PREMIERE - Following the sudden death of his wife, sports radio personality Ryan King (Matthew Perry ,"Friends," "Mr. Sunshine") is forced to attend grief counseling. Feeling it unnecessary, he does so reluctantly, and with minimal participation, until it becomes clear that this may actually help him in unexpected ways.

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Page updated 8/22/12

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