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Elementary's Miller and Liu

"Elementary" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10/9c on CBS

I like this show and I am choosing it as one of the new shows I will keep watching this Fall. I try not to choose more than one, but sometimes there are just too many good ones. So I record a bunch I like and watch them if I have time... but having said that, I just deleted the entire year of Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods and Glee from my DVR to make room for new shows, so... I don't always get to watch the shows I like.

I always love anything that is remotely Sherlock Holmes-like. This is a pretty good show, for an American drama. The British version is fabulous, but they only make 4 episodes per year, so it's great to have one that airs every week, even if it's not quite as good. The British series is like little movies more than a series.

The actors are great in this new version. Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is still British, but in this version, he lives in New York City, and his Doctor Watson is a woman, played by Lucy Liu. He's just come out of rehab in the pilot, and she has been assigned by his father to make sure that he stays clean and sober.

I think this will be as good of a Sherlock as you're going to get, within the confines of an hour-long weekly show. It's more like, Sherlock Holmes does CSI, but it's still very good. I'm not sure yet whether he will be a great Sherlock or not. I think he's a little more dweeby-looking than handsome. I prefer my Sherlock to be handsome.  Miller and Liu have good chemistry, but we're assured that they will not have a romantic relationship. That kind of makes me wonder why they would then bother making Watson a woman. I suppose they want to bring in more female viewers.

Anyway, it's a good show and you should check it out.

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Page updated 10/2/12

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