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Defiance cast

"Defiance" review by Suzanne
Mondays 9/8c on Syfy

Syfy has really gone all out on this show. It is very ambitious. Not only is it a series, but it is an interactive video game as well. Of course they hope that you will watch the show and also play the game.  They have put a lot of publicity toward this. I was able to speak to the three main cast members on the phone about the show as well as the show and game's creators.  They all have a lot riding on this!

Not only did they put lots of money into the special effects and everything, but they have different alien races, all with their own languages, and people in the show and in the game speak in all these languages.

However, just as a drama, I fear they have not worked hard enough. I can't tell you specifically why it is lacking, but it is. I love the actors, especially Julie Benz and Grant Bowler. I love all science fiction, so I'll definitely be watching the show. However, it doesn't seem all the innovative or surprising, as if we've been there and done that already. It seems derivative of so many other scifi shows and movies that have already been done.  Perhaps it will get better as the show progresses, but the pilot left me underwhelmed.

The show takes place in the year 2046 after some aliens have crashed on Earth in 2013. You can read all about the pilot on the Syfy site. I guess after "Revolution", I have had enough of post-disaster shows on Earth.  Here are a few things that bother me about the show.  First of all, Grant Bowler is gorgeous and has a sexy British accent. Yet they have him playing an American. Why?? They do this far too often on TV.  Julie Benz is beautiful, but in a light, ethereal way, yet they have her playing this tough broad who dresses like crap. She has hear hair back and wears awful clothes. She can't be strong AND beautiful?  So in both cases they are hiding some of the best assets of both actors.  Other than Bowler, there aren't too many good-looking guys from what I could see. There is one teen guy, but he is too young for me. The African-American deputy is pretty cute but, otherwise... it's all women, aliens and ugly guys.

The big bad guys that come in and threaten the good guys, the Volge, are boring and computer-animated. They don't seem to have any particular character or personality. They don't seem all that scary, either.

I hope to see that the show gets even better!  Otherwise, I wish, if they had to have a Syfy show about an interesting small town, I would have preferred a few more seasons of "Eureka"!

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Page updated 4/23/13

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