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"Copper" review by Suzanne
Sunday, 10/9c on BBC America

I enjoyed the first episode of the show. It's got very high quality writing and acting. It's a little dark and depressing, but it has moments of some dark humor and action, and lots of drama.

The show takes place in 1864 in New York City. Many of the characters have Irish accents. The leader character, Kevin Corcoran, is a police detective. The whole city is very corrupt, including the police and other city officials, and very grimy. Also, there is lots of poverty and violence.

Nowadays every hero has to have a tragic backstory. Kevin is a former boxer who returned home from the Civil War to find that his little girl was murdered and his wife has disappeared. Meanwhile, he has lots of sex with prostitutes and solves murders and other crimes. He has several friends from the war that help him solve the crimes.

I'm not quite sure why it's on BBC America, since it is mostly American. It's written and produced by noted TV writer Tom Fontana and movie director Barry Levinson. It does have some British actors, including Corcoran. It's certainly as great quality as anything else on BBC America. There are only 10 episodes, just like most British shows. This is the first original drama from BBC America, so it's not imported from Britan.

It's well worth watching, especially if you like great drama. Just don't expect much lightness or fun.

Here's a great review of the show that gives way more details.

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Page updated 8/22/12

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