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Continuum cast

"Continuum" review by Suzanne
Series Premiere Monday 8/7c on Syfy

I really enjoy this show, and not just because it's a great scifi show with a lot of action. It also raises some interesting questions that reflect the problems of today's society. I don't normally like shows that feature dystopian futures, but this one somehow works better.

The  show has been airing in Canada since last Summer; the show actually takes place in Vancouver, Canada. It's got a fabulous cast. Rachel Nichols, whom you may recognize from "Criminal Minds" and many other shows, is the lead character Kiera, and cop in the year 2077. In this future, corporations have taken over the running of the country, and it is a police state with lots of great technology. A band of criminals, or rebels depending on your point of view, have tried to overthrow the corporations. They get caught and are about to be executed when they escape to the past, and Kiera is caught in it with them. They go back to 2012 instead of 6 years like they'd planned.

Kiera has to join forces with local police, including a cop named Carlos (Victor Webster of "Mutant X" and "Charmed"), to track down the bad guys from the future. She also has help from a young computer genius, Alec ("Jericho"'s Eric Knudsen). It's a wonderful cop show as well as being good science fiction. The bad guys are played by some well-known actors you will recognize, such as Lexa Doig ("Andromeda") and Roger Cross ("24").

What I like about the show is that the bad guys are really vicious and violent, and yet their cause is a good one that many of us would agree with. They act like terrorists, blowing up thousands of innocent people, but they're fighting for the same rights that our founding fathers did. It's kind of hard to wrap your mind around that idea.

I watched three episodes and I look forward to the rest!

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