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Teri Polo and Izabela Vidovic

"Christmas Angel" review by Suzanne
Airs Friday December 7th 9pm et/pt on GMC

GMC shows these religious movies with lots of music in them. They're not super-religious, just more so than most movies you would see on TV. This is a fun Christmas movie about people in a small town who start believing in wishes. GMC has sent me a few DVD's of their movies to review, but I have to say this is by far the best one they've sent.

The main star of the movie is Izabela Vidovic, who plays Olivia, a 5th grade girl. She lives with her mom, Melinda (Teri Polo). Olivia's teacher has the class write an essay about the one thing they would wish for. Olivia's friend gets the idea that this old abandoned house next door to Olivia is magic, and that if they throw rocks at it, their wishes will come true. From there it escalates and we see that the house is not only not magic, but inhabited.

Kevin Sorbo plays the handsome-but-sad doctor who owns the house. Della Reese is the mysterious old woman living in the house. It's a nice little holiday story. I'm glad to see Kevin Sorbo in something again. The whole cast does a great job. Of course this movie is great for family viewing. I love watching these holiday movies that you can find on cable this time of year. Make sure you tune in!

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