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some of The Carrie Diaries cast

"The Carrie Diaries" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays 8/7c on The CW

I didn't expect to like this show much because I really never liked "Sex and the City" the few times I watched it. I mainly didn't like it because I didn't find it funny, and I didn't really like how all of the women in the show just seemed obsessed with sex, men, and fashion. I can't relate to that.

This new show is a prequel to that show, but it's not a comedy (although it has humorous moments), and the character of Carrie is in high school, so she's more innocent (and not as trampy). Also, the show takes place in the 80's, which was a fairly fun decade, particularly if you were a teenager. I was just a little older than that (I was in college), so I can sort of relate. Also, the many great 80's songs are fun to hear.

The first episode was a little depressing because Carrie's mother has just died. She, and her dad, and her little sister, are coming to terms with it. Carrie starts back to school and we meet her friends. The show gets even better once Carrie starts an internship in New York City and we meet her new boyfriend, Sebastian (a real cutie - he reminds me of Val Kilmer or Brad Pitt back when they were younger).

The show's characters have a lot of the Joie de vivre that Carrie and her friends had, but without the sluttiness of those women. Plus, they're young and falling in love for the first time - they're not over-the-hill bimbos yet. But, seriously, what I appreciate is that the characters are very real people and talk like it.   The situations are real and not forced or contrived. It's a good primetime soap.  I look forward to more episodes!

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Page updated 1/17/13

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