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"Bunheads" review by Suzanne
Mondays on ABC Family

I loved the first episode of this series, but then they killed off my favorite character in it, Hubbel. Then it was just mostly women and girls on the show, for a long while. Everyone on this show is very likable, and it's not at all a realistic show. For one thing, the characters don't speak like normal people. It's much more funny and rapid-paced, like you might see on "Dawson's Creek", "The West Wing" or "Gilmore Girls". The show is created and written by Amy Sherman, who also did "Gilmore Girls" and "Roseanne", among other shows. After a while, though, you do get used to the way they talk, and it's very fun.

The other thing that's not very realistic is that most of the show takes place in this very small town of Paradise, California, that is supposed to be near Oxnard (just going by what the characters say) and has a beach. Well, Paradise, California, is up in the northern part of California (not near the beach), and Oxnard is near Los Angeles, so they are not close at all. And if the town is anywhere in the Southern California area, which is seems to be, then their jokes about being in a small town don't really work. Southern California is nothing like, say, the midwest, or the south. Small towns are not out in the middle of nowhere. Everything, all of the towns and cities, are all very close together until you either go way up north of San Francisco, or way out in the desert, or up in the mountains. The population is just one huge urban sprawl.  So when they are complaining about how the town has only one store or no Starbucks or movie theater, not only is that very unlikely, but they would just drive to where there is one, like the next town over.  Also, Californians think nothing of driving all over the place, all the time, even in small towns, so even if the town really was, say, an hour from any other town, it would be no big deal. So clearly, the writers have never lived in that part of Southern Califonia (I'm from San Diego and lived for 8 years in Riverside, which is East of L.A., so I do know).

After watching a few episodes, you do really get into the story and how much fun it is. Most of the characters are kooky and likable. The basic story is that Michelle, a Vegas showgirl, gets drunk one night and marries this kind-of-creepy guy, Hubbel (Alan Ruck, who is always wonderful) who's always bugging her at the theater, bringing her gifts and stuff. He takes her back to his home town, and his mother, Fanny (Kelly Bishop) is an eccentric dance teacher there. Right after Michelle and Hubbel have sex, he gets hit by a car and dies, and Michelle is left there to deal with that, and his mother, and her dance studio.  The whole cast is just great. Not only are they all marvelous actors, but they dance beautifully, and Sutton sings a lot, as well.

I just can't recommend this show enough. Make sure you catch up online if you haven't watched it yet!

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Page updated 6/15/12

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