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Ben & Kate cast

"Ben & Kate" review by Suzanne
Tuesdays 8:30/7:30pm on FOX

This is a sitcom about a brother and sister who live together, but it's not as creepy as that sounds. Kate has a small child and is not married, and Ben is her goofy brother. I enjoyed watching the show, and I like the characters, but it is not as funny as I wish it were. I know, the trend in sitcoms recently is not to have jokes, just have goofy and silly characters who make you go "awww" and then maybe you laugh. I would rather laugh - a lot - at jokes. I don't need to care about them or go "awww".

Kate likes this guy, but he turns out to be a creep, so Ben decides to stay in town and help take care of Kate and her kid, even though he is immature and does a lot of stupid things.  The characters have good chemistry, and I would probably keep watching it if I didn't watch so many other TV shows. You should give it a try. Maybe it will get funnier.

The only other problem I had with it is that I'm not sure I believe Kate's character. She doesn't really act like a mom, and sometimes she barely acts like an adult, like in this one scene where she goes to take off her sweater but her shirt gets stuck and she shows her bra. Who does that? I can't imagine any woman doing that past age 12.

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Page updated 9/25/12

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